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Collaborate & Create Strategic Impact

Connecting the Dots

  1. ​​Capture Existing Knowledge - from the management team using structured and rigorous worksheets

  2. Make It Visible - A coherent picture of your strategic plan, desired results, and related objectives.

  3. Communicate - Use the 'story board' to engage the entire workforce, suppliers, customers, lenders, strategic advisors, & others.

  4. Now implementation begins and has meaningful purpose. Strategic work is integrated into day-to-day tasks. Plans and made, projects executed with frequent evaluation and adjustments after each iteration.



Make It





Start The Conversations With The 'Big Picture'
Help define the high-level vision
Connecting objectives to strategies
A formal matrix for implementing strategies
More Detailed, Data Driven, & Extended 'Deep Dive'
Placing the business in context of the market place
Puts product in context of buyer and user
A look at the internal processes that support the customer
Where the customer value is created
Bring It All Together
Bring all the previous work together into a unified picture.

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'Connect The Dots'

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Placing the business in context of the market place