More Effective Rollouts
for Companies Running on EOS
(Entrepreneurial Operating System)
A Visual Communication Tool and Collaborative Coaching to Manage Your EOS Rollout

We've added the powerful Balanced Hoshin framework to EOS, while retaining the EOS purity of implementation.

Based on proven methods of “Hoshin Kanri”, a Japanese Lean Management term that translates to “Strategy Deployment”

Visual Communication
Visual Communication

We assist your Leadership Team with cascading L10 and Rock execution throughout the organization

Vision is Truly 'Understood By All"
  • Compelling coherent strategic narratives to link company objectives to strategies and rocks.

  • Buy-in and participation to the EOS transformation from the whole organization.

  • Universal transparency across processes, issues, rocks, measurables and Level 10’s.

Vision is Reflected in the Work of Individuals
  • Partner with employees to meet financial goals and overcome business challenges.

  • Reliable and professional on-time delivery of strategic projects and tactical initiatives.

  • Adaptable to new knowledge, experience, and changing circumstances every week, month, and quarter.

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