Paul Osborn


Phone: ‭+44 7930 150888‬ (UK)

Dave Nave


Phone: (206)-200-4840

Paul’s extensive financial services, governance, and product management experience ranges across global fund management, quantitative analysis, and software product development. He has been a technology start-up entrepreneur, directed product development at a multi-national conglomerate, and executed strategic governance at a SaaS healthcare company, leading to the sale of the company for a 5 times multiple. He is an author and lecturer in Agile and other, non-traditional, adaptive project management techniques.

Paul has a unique combination of complex statistical analysis, information modeling, program management perspectives and senior executive level experience. A native of the UK, his work in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and the United States provides him with distinctive insights.

Dave Nave has extensive experience with the Theories, Methods, & Tools of improvement (process, product, managing). His work includes:

  • Corporate Process Improvement Team

  • Division Product Improvement Group

  • Plant 'Turn-Around' Efforts

  • Factory 'Start Up'

He has shown to be a natural teacher, coach, & mentor with an acute instinct for being able to communicate complex ideas and theories in plain, easily understood English. Dave has worked as a machinist, designed assembly lines in the automotive industry, change management in the aerospace/defense industry, and is an international author in improvement methodologies. 


Dave’s unique combination of engineering, operations, and management perspectives is featured prominently in his practice of helping the whole business operate as one system.

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